January 1, 2014

Easy and CUTE Pillow Case

Back in high school, I took 4 semesters of sewing. I ended up making a quilt and helping friends make their prom dresses. I LOVED to sew. Well, I think the last time I even attempted it was 10+ years ago.

Well Santa {my wonderful mother} gave me a sewing machine this year for Christmas! I was so excited to jump in and get started again. I was not sure how much I would remember, so I chose a few beginner projects. First up, a pillow case for my lil man. He recently started using a pillow and since we are striving to be minimalists eventually, we did not have any extra pillow cases laying around.

I found this awesome pattern and idea from MADE by Dana. Other than having issues winding the bobbin, I was able to jump right back in. If you need to make a pillow case, or just looking for a beginner project, this one is AWESOME. It is a step up in cuteness from the norm, yet still easy enough for a beginner.

Lil man loves it already!

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